Washi Eggs

Updated: Apr 12

With Easter in mind, and in a normal year without all the restrictions of Covid19 of what has had an impact on attending church services and revisit why as Catholics we celebrate this season along with the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday. One of the novelty item and crafts that I was introduced to while living in Okinawa, Japan was their usage of washi paper. My first introduction was learning how to cover eggs that had been fully prepared by cleaning, sanitizing and removing all the interior. Then carefully measuring the exact exterior height and width, once folded in half, cutting intricate picket fenced so to speak. Submerging in rice glue and delicately fixing around the egg while placing each strip of the fenced cut washi paper around the egg. The displayed glass bowl of which the eggs are placed in, is one of many gifts that were given to me by Eiko San, who continuously showed her appreciation of gratitude while I worked for her and her family.

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