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I believe being stationed in Okinawa, Japan in my early twenties with Leonard being enlisted in the Air Force and having the opportunity to get to know the culture for three years. It became quite obvious, in nearly every kind of customer service offered. They genuinely offered complimentary wrapping for any newly purchased merchandise as a gesture that made it clear they appreciated every customer. This basically mimicked in all customer services throughout our stay. Of what I believe has been the framework for the both of us to pay close attention to details in all of work ethics, development of our game and shows in my art images. Their culture always seemed to find a way of celebrating or showing appreciation and gratitude when they approved of a kind deed, friendship and or employee. What I experienced quite frequently while working as a hair designer and manager for a local native in Okinawa, named Eiko San who offered every indication of appreciating the extensive hours put in. At a very busy hair salon that provided service on Kadina Air Force Base, to many of the wives of the service men and their families.

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