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Updated: Mar 24

It's my personal opinion that I would have not had the ability to create art, if it weren't influenced by music. There basically hasn't one piece of music in the background while I am creating a piece. With an absolute appreciation for music as far back in my childhood, anywhere from music being played on an stereo player that took up enough space for an entire sofa couch. Then there was the lady next-door singing opera with her window open and the individual records being carefully selected on an old jukebox at my dads friendly Starbar, located in Denver Colorado. However, my biggest influence of all time would be my teenage years working at Redrocks amphitheater with a sound system that if I stood too close to the speakers, I would have trouble hearing for the next couple of days. In the end, I would eventually get my hearing realigned and have the memories of the artist performance that have influenced my art today.

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