I've loved making art ever since I was young and realized that this profession that I felt I had a talent and passion for. I grew up living in Denver, Colorado and took as many art classes as I could throughout all schools I attended. Through my early childhood, I cartooned many times as being a hobby and with that I self-taught myself how to scale and proportion different characters I drew. As of today, I sometimes paint with acrylic paint but I mainly use pens as my medium.


To be more specific, I've been using gel pens⁠—which have been my favorite for as long as I can remember growing up. The abstract world I create of patterns and movement vary with what comes to my mind when brainstorming every time. Most of my pieces start with a simple idea, which then forms over time with new ideas I come up with to implement. Inspirations for my pieces come from anywhere at any time. I may see a pattern or theme somewhere that'll inspire me to input my own take on it. Attending the Students League of Denver downtown for Teen Night on Fridays, allowed me to have a free space to work on any artwork. An open space for students to bring any materials they wish to use for whatever piece they are creating or even use the ones that the faculty provides. Teachers of classes who are in charge of the teen nights who have inspired me in the past to create more art. their supportive comments and kindness only pushed me further to keep creating.


In addition, I took two art internships at the CVA (Center for Visual Arts), which is connected with the campus of MSU Denver. In those internships, I learned how to work with other artists effectively and learn some curating skills that I wasn’t familiar with. It also gained me more experience of using my creative thinking skills and to work with others professionally. Currently, I am attending college at the Metro State University of Denver where I am working at earning my Industrial Design Bachelor’s Degree. I plan on using my degree in the future to hopefully have a job that involves both artistic and design skills that I will develop more over time. My dream is to design lego sets for lego or to help draw cartoons for Disney. Alongside this, I am going to continue building my art portfolio and hopefully sell any of my art pieces in the future. 


                                                 -Ethan Pardo