How many players can play?

Win, Place, or Show Race: Three to Thirteen Players Perfecta Race: Three to Twenty Players Fast Track Race: Two to Forty Players Quinella Race: Two to Forty Players

What is used for wagering?

  • Gaming chips are recommended, not included.
  • White elephant gifts makes an extroardinary holiday changer.
  • Any items such as candy, coins to be determined by host.

Is Derbio International a hard game to learn?

No, Derbio has easy to understand game play rules and there are four races provided to choose from. Ages: 5-99 years of age will be eagerly cheering on their horse and jockey(s)!

A "Must have" for horse racing fans and gamers?

  • No matter what season, day or night, rain or shine, Derbio International is open! The dark days of racing are over!
  • Entertainment that is the game changer in tabletop board games! Enables gamers of all ages to enjoy the exhileration and adrenaline rush of horse racing at their convenience!
  • Select your race tickets accordingly to each race and anticipate the sheer enjoyment of watching who crosses the finish line first!

Why choose Derbio International for your next social event?

Kick off your next social event or party and host a night of horse racing! Be the first of your family, friends or neighbors to host an electrifying night of high stakes horse racing with Derbio International! Entertainment for all ages and will last as long as the gates are opened.

Can Derbio International be used as part of a Casino Night or Fundraiser?

Yes, Derbio International is the perfect compliment to any corporate casino night or fundraising event. This tabletop game is a refreshing new way to win big and offer unbeatable horse racing entertainment throughout the evening that engages small or large crowds.

Why give the gift of Derbio International?

  • This makes an ideal gift and brings the excitement of horse racing to anyone who enjoys, horse racing, board games or loves entertaining!
  • Derbio is the Trifecta of gifts! Perfect for that special person who has everything and enjoys engaging in interaction recreation where no one has an advantage, and the winner is determined by the roll of die!

What are the dimentions of Derbio International magnetic tabletop game?

What is your return and warranty policy?

Magnetarz offers a limited 90 day warranty for Derbio International magnetic tabletop horse racing game and is responsible for any defective workmanship or mishandling of shipping of our product to consumers.This 90 day limited warranty expires from date of purchase. This limited warranty does not cover damage resulting from commerical accidental misuse, modification or any altercation from the product's original state.

What is the approximate shipping weight of Derbio International tabletop game?

How long does a race last?

Each race is unique and depends on the number of players. On average a race can last anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes.

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