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                Adam Pardo


Adam at an early age,

Dances around any chosen topic and allows his audience to understand his ability to construe his gift to entertain as he methodically personalizes every line throughout.  He is very dedicated to conveying the message he trying to get across, and at the same time. He has managed to approach all his subjects in an different format as he owns each one, with carefully selected grouping of dialogues and specific words of choice.  With an end result of the reader acknowledging his style and some times humorous strategy as he rhythms and tells his interpretation of "California," an assignment in forth grade at Colorado Academy, subsequently his first brilliantly executed poem as he collects his thoughts as a young traveler to Disneyland and California for the first time.


Flying over the sea


Most people go there


Have fun and play



                                                       -Adam Pardo


Hearing seagulls flying over the sea,

It's almost like they are calling to me.

I could feel the ocean's so gentle rush,

and the sand under my feet turn to mush.

Sitting on a palm tree watching the sunset;

It's the best sight a person could see, I bet.

Feeling the breeze going through the trees.

And I get kind of dirty because I get

sand on my knees.

Most people go there for Disneyland,

And while you're by the beach remember

to play in the sand.

Have you been to California?  It is a lot of fun,

I like how it's hot, hot because of the sun.

I mostly like how it's humid in the air,

and all day you look at palm trees and stare.

I go to the beach and have fun and play,

I play so much, I play all day.

I like the style there, it's t-shirts and shorts,

My favorite kind of trip is when

I go to the airport.

Some people do not wear any

shoes by the sea,

California is cool, at least to me.


                                                  - Adam Pardo



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