began writing poetry in elementary school. My classmates and I were assigned an assignment to write a poem with the goal of expressing ourselves with vivid details and passion. I remember a vacation my family and I had taken a few years back to California. What I didn't know at the time was that writing would serve as a canvas where I could channel my creativeness and passion, and transform this into an art form for others to admire and relate to.


My first poem "California" was admired by my entire class because I did not simply reflect what I saw, but I rather interpreted what I saw based on what I felt. Something I encourage my audience to pay attention to and even learn from. To me, this collection represents a time in my life that was mostly based on observations and a personal admiration for nature; However, the best part about my poems and art, in general, is that my interpretations and the reader's interpretations may vary. 


These poems aren't a direct representation of nature, but rather my own perspective on nature. This is displayed through the content of my poetry, and accompanying each poem⁠—providing the reader with my perspective and an opportunity for the reader to develop their own personal ideas from the written content. I am now 24 years old and believe that this collection of poetry would resonate with children with their boundless imaginative process, and encourages them to consider other perspectives on everyday environments. Nevertheless, the complex perception is left to the audience of any age.

                                       -Adam Pardo

All Original Poetry