Identifying with more with impressionism art, modernism and abstract are also combined with imagination in each of my creations.  Color schemes cumulative of small brush strokes dominate a far and wide approach. This will produce a systematic combination of colors, one that embraces the other as the harmony in a music composition. I continue to experiment using various techniques; some images produced with multiple layered rigid results, while others are evenly woven, with each offering their own intricate individuality.

I feel a considerable amount of appreciation and enormous amount of gratitude that I am able to express myself using a digital platform.  While I create with direct designs in mind, I see every new creation as an opportunity to improve upon the last one.

It would be an understatement to say that becoming an artist has been an effortless journey. In reality, what has remained doormat while raising a family, turned into an incredible undertaking to regain what has always been within. With an absolute appreciation for art as far back as I can remember, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to share with others what I have always had immense admiration for.  Being self-taught with no formal training and growing up next to the glamorous Rocky Mountains, there was no shortage of inspiration. I am also motivated by numerous collections of colors, textures, digital pens, brushes, and pastels available at my fingertips. 

In addition to my artworks, I am the founder of Magnetarz.  Our mission statement is to bring entertainment to families with our game and sharing our family's artistry. In the beginning, I wasn't really sure what the end result would be, only, with a deep aspiration I knew it would all be possible through God's grace and prayed he would help guide me through a new chapter in my life.  

"The Corena Collection"

Fine Art Gallery

  Mona Vigil